Google is turning the iPhone into Android

There will no doubt be many new iPhone users following Apple’s launch of its new line of smartphones. But Google still wants a small share …

Google is of course the publisher of Android, the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. It occupies around 80% of the overall market, compared to 20% for iOS. Although it may not seem like much, the search engine does not want to deprive iPhone users of its services and applications, which are regularly updated to take advantage of the new functions that Apple brings to iOS.

The joy of widgets

Sometimes it takes a little patience (Google has had its ears pulled to adapt its apps to the dark mode of iOS …), but after a while it always ends up happening! This is the case with widgets, introduced with iOS 14 and which immediately gained popularity with iPhone owners. Obviously, Google has adapted and offers widgets for most of its applications, which can give a little Android air to Apple’s smartphone!

This is exactly what Luke Wroblewski, iOS director at Google, offers, who in a blog post gives some suggestions for equipping his iPhone with widgets taken from search engine applications. Almost everything goes there, from the Google Maps widget to Google Photos, via Google Fit, YouTube Music, Google Calendar, Gmail and Google search, but also the Google Tasks list.

One of the functions of iOS widgets is the concept of a stack: you can stack several widgets in a single space, then you can go from one to the other by swiping them with your finger. And as long as it is, as much as it is Google widgets! By adding the icons of Google apps to the iPhone home screen, the device almost looks like an Android smartphone …

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