If your Mac is slow, CleanMyMac X is down by up to -60%

Looking to clean up and speed up your Mac? CleanMyMac X is the most reliable software for this. And it is at a bargain price.

MacPaw publishes a whole bunch of great software for Mac. Among them, we find Gemini, Setapp or even CleanMyMac X. The latter is probably its greatest success and it is particularly effective in cleaning your machine. It is today the great reference in the segment.

Many tests (like this one Where this one) highlight an easy-to-use and effective product to speed up your Mac. From our experience, CleanMyMac X is even a must have software if you have a Mac. It is he who will tidy up and optimize your disk space, without giving you headaches.

Like most software today, MacPaw declines its software in either an Annual License or a Lifetime License. It is the latter which is really attractive: for 79.95 € (instead of 89.95 €), you will be entitled to CleanMyMac X forever, with all updates. If you opt for a lifetime license for 2 computers, the discount is even more interesting: 119.95 € instead of 179.95 €. Finally, the formula with 5 Macs is even at -60%.

See the CleanMyMac X offer

For those who prefer to go on an annual license, there are also some discounts. For example, if you take this software on two Macs, it will cost you only 59.95 euros instead of 79.90 euros (which is 20 euros less). Again, if you have a whole installation to optimize, the annual license for 5 Macs is also on sale at 60%.

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