Scramjet-powered hypersonic missile records historic test flight

On armament matter Several countries have been promoting the development of technologies that help optimize the efficiency of the vehicles, equipment and weapons used in this field.

In this regard, Raytheon Missiles & Defense and Northrop Grumman recently conducted the test of a hypersonic missile, which showed a remarkable performance. The HAWC (Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept), the name given to this prototype missile, is part of the program promoted by DARPA and the United States Air Force.

In the future both organizations they promised to create hypersonic missiles capable of flying farther and lower.

And it is that, when talking about the advantages that hypersonic flight presents are so many that, if they are used to the maximum, they could have the potential to revolutionize war conflicts in the futureas well as taking them to a scale never seen before since supersonic technology was implemented after WWII.

This hypersonic missile not only has the ability to fly at five times the speed of soundbut also to surpass the power of conventional anti-ballistic missiles by concentrating a Kinetic energy high enough to destroy a target without needing a warhead.

At this time a large number of hypersonic missiles are under development around the world. However, building a practical weapon goes beyond setting speed records. There is also a need for improvements in terms of range, control and stealth.

At the time of testing the HAWC prototype, it was mounted on the wing of an aircraft and put into flight before being released. After a few seconds a solid booster rocket was fired automatically, causing the missile to accelerate to hypersonic speed.

Then a scramjet, a jet engine with no moving parts where the forward movement exerted by it compresses the incoming air. The objective of this test was to demonstrate the ability of the HAWC prototype fuselage and engine to reach hypersonic speed and its resistance to the resulting thermal stresses.

However, although the information released allowed us to know the performance of this missile, details of the flight still remained unspecified, such as the altitude from which it was launched, the altitude of the flight, maximum speed, range and flight time.

Unfortunately money continues to be invested in destroying, we have learned little in the last thousands of years.

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