Apple earns more from video games than Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo combined

We can also add Activision to the list, which is one of the giants of the video game industry which have largely been overtaken by Apple.

A few months ago, Apple had an appointment in court to face the accusations of Epic Games, which accuses the firm of some of its practices which would be anti-competitive. This mainly concerns the field of the studio, namely video games and more specifically mobile games. At the time, we learned through legal documents that Apple was making a small fortune thanks to its App Store and the 30% commission paid to developers.

Today, a report from Wall Street Journal teaches us that in reality, Apple would be much more important in the gaming sector than what one might think. The firm would have made more money from video games in 2019 than Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Activision combined. Knowing that these four companies are the giants of the market, this estimate seems all the more spectacular.

Crazy margins or miscalculation?

During the trial, the Wall Street Journal had estimated the operating profits derived from the gaming branch at 8.5 billion dollars for the year 2019, 2 billion more than the other studios and manufacturers mentioned above. Sensor Tower claims that Apple’s operating profits for the same year would be $ 12.3 billion for the gaming part, which would be equivalent to one-fifth of the company’s total profits.

Judge Yvonne Rogers, who tried the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, herself admitted that the Apple possessed ” a considerable market share of over 55% and extraordinarily high profit margins “. For its part, Apple claims that the figures put forward by the media are wrong and do not take into account a good number of expenses linked to the App Store, without however justifying its point with clearer figures.

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