car sales sign a disastrous third quarter of 2021 in the midst of a microchip crisis

The car market in September closes a dire quarter and that continues to decline compared to the same period in 2020. Car sales have been at 59,641 units, which is a decrease of 15.7% compared to last year, when 70,728 cars were registered.

The lack of microchips keep drowning automobile productionBut it is not the only stumbling block the industry has been facing in recent months. Also added is the rise in the price of raw materials or the notable increase in logistics costs, such as the pressing increased cost of maritime transport.

All this, adding to already endemic problems in the market, such as technological uncertainty, and watered by the economic crisis derived from the pandemic, is forming the perfect storm in car marketing.

Thus, and despite the fact that at the beginning of the year they expected better numbers than in 2020, everything indicates that the level of sales will be as low as last year and it is expected that in 2021 do not exceed one million units.

At the moment, between January and September they have been sold 647,955 cars, which represents a minimum increase of 8.8% (the same period of 2020 signed 595,436 registrations) and taking into account that it is compared with an atypical year and strongly marked by the pandemic. If compared to 2019, the drop is 33%.

Car production problems increasingly choke the market

The microchip crisis devastates car production and chokes the car market

The dealers still do not have enough stock to meet the demand, has pointed out Faconauto, the dealer’s association. What is derived from the production crisis that is devastating the automotive industry as a result of the lack of supply of semiconductors, both globally and in Spanish factories.

Spain is the second largest European automobile producer and the eighth in the world. Positions it held in 2020 despite the health crisis, closing the year with 2.26 million assembled vehicles. However, this 2021 and already with the September figures, the manufactured units are set at 1.41 million vehicles. Compared to 2019, it represents a decrease of 25.3%.

A) Yes, Spain has passed to be the ninth largest producer, being surpassed by Brazil with 1.47 million units produced.

Ultimately, if cars are not produced, they do not reach dealerships and therefore are not being delivered to customers. “The uncertainty is great, because there is no clear horizon of when will cars be on the market again“, laments Raúl Morales, communication director of Faconauto, according to in September sales report.

In this way, the semiconductor crisis is bringing with it a “market downturn much worse than forecasted at the beginning of the year “, they point out from Anfac.

The microchip crisis that plagues automotive production, drowns the car market in Spain

But the lack of chips is not the only thing. The increase in costs in the Marine transport It started with the pandemic, but has been exacerbated by the lack of semiconductors. The constant interruptions are increasing the price even up to eight times when compared to the costs before the health crisis.

We are therefore facing a turbulent outlook and that also aims to not be solved in the short and medium term. And is that digitization means greater dependence of these components, so the demand is increasing. Thus, the lack of microchips threatens to be present in much of 2022 as well.

Usual suspects: the private market without brakes and absolute SUV dominance

The microchip crisis that plagues automotive production, drowns the car market in Spain

In September, the channel of individuals is the one more low. This ninth month of the year has closed with 28,593 cars sold, which translates into a decrease in the 21,8 % (36,554 cars were delivered in 2020).

And if we go to the accumulated for the year, it is the only channel that remains down compared to 2020: this 2021 they have registered 265,322 cars for private customers, while last year they were set at 298,803. It’s a 11.2% less.

Another trend that does not vary is the diesel cars pullback. In September they signed the third lowest figure of 2021 in the sales mix, assuming a 18,4 % from the cake.

The microchip crisis that plagues automotive production, drowns the car market in Spain

They also follow growing alternative mechanics cars: with 25,213 units, this ninth month sales have increased by 36.6% compared to September 2020. In the mix they represented 41% this month and so far this year they account for 33% of the cars sold.

However, cars with thermal mechanics they are still the majority offer, taking over the 67% of sales. And the cars of gasoline Almost half of the mix is ​​signed, so far in 2021 they look at a 47% of the total.

The microchip crisis that plagues automotive production, drowns the car market in Spain

Finally, fashion SUV still unstoppable. Compact SUVs reign supreme in car sales in Spain, with a share of 26,6 % and 172,485 units enrolled in 2021. And the second position is for small SUVs, which account for 21.8% of the total with 141,110 units.

In the third position in terms of segments, utilities remain, which account for 18.8% of sales with 121,968 units. Compacts are still relegated to fourth position with 108,944 models sold and a 16.8% share.

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