Console shortage will last until 2022, Xbox boss says

Phil Spencer is far from optimistic about the production of his Xbox Series, which could be missing under the tree this year again.

As we slowly approach the first anniversary of the Xbox Series X and S, released worldwide on November 10, 2020, it is almost always as difficult to get one, or at least at a reasonable price and without special effort. While this is not so much the case with the Xbox Series S anymore, it is the harsh reality for its big sister the Xbox Series X.

Last year already, the console was one of the most absent under the tree for many players, and history is likely to repeat itself this year. Indeed, Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox branch, explained to The Wrap that the shortage was gone to last, and this at least until 2022. He declares:

« I think talking about a simple chip problem is probably too closed a point of view. When I think about what it means to get the parts to make a console today and then get them to the markets where the demand is, there are multiple sticking points in this process. . And I think that, unfortunately, this will accompany us for months and months, certainly until the end of this calendar year and the following year. ».

A year later, the observation is the same

After months of optimism, especially on the Sony side and the production of PlayStation 5, it appears that all hope of a market recovery has been abandoned. As Phil Spencer explains, the shortage of consoles is the simple consequence of the shortage of many electronic components, the rise in shipping costs, and the rise in the cost of manufacture, which manufacturers must manage in the best possible way. for more than a year.

This does not only concern the video game sector, but also the smartphones, processors, graphics cards and other computer hardware.

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