How to get a free DC Comics NFT

If you want to have an original illustration of NTF comics, in its digital version, as an exclusive NFT for you, pay attention because you only have to dedicate 5 minutes to it, and for free.

DC is giving away free non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the covers of its superhero comics. We just have to register for their FanDome event on October 16.

To request it, you must register in this link. NFT’s launch, a first for DC, is scheduled for October 5, tomorrow, and everyone registered on the FanDome will receive a free, randomly selected NFT. Also, if we publish the first NFT on social media, we could get a second one for free too.

There will be NFTs of three levels, common, rare and legendary, and we will have the possibility of winning covers of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.

We are talking about the ability to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items, and being able to keep track of who owns them using blockchain.

That means that to prove that this digital file is yours, it will be necessary to show the corresponding chain, it is not obvious to any user, but it is a fever that is making people pay millions for photographs, drawings of whales or memes of all kinds.

Now DC is working on NFTs with Palm NFT Studio, a company that promises to handle millions of NFTs for fans at almost zero cost. At the moment we do not know how many comic book covers will be transformed into NFT, but it is 87 years of history, they have tens of thousands of them.

I hope that when you win your NFT you will share it on the networks mentioning @WWWhatsnew, we will be happy to know that your first NFT came from our post.

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