How to have YouTube Music in the background without being a subscriber

This is what happens when a service is in a market where there is a lot of competition, which forces the laggards to catch up so as not to lose users in favor of rival services.

This is what is happening right now on YouTube Music, which has just announced that it will bring the background listening feature to free account users in Canada on November 3, both on Android and iOS, although this may be the starting point for the function to be extended to users of free accounts in other markets over time, as they also drop.

In this regard, they indicate that:

Today, we are pleased to announce that we will begin rolling out background listening to music listeners in Canada, free of charge, beginning November 3, 2021. Canadian music lovers using the YouTube Music app will be the first to Enjoy this new feature before it’s available to listeners around the world.

He listens to her in the background is one of the functions that YouTube Music still has reserved for subscribers of its service, but as we say, it will reach users of free accounts in Canada on November 3, while users from other markets will have to wait for their turn.

Still, subscribers to YouTube Music In Canada they will continue to have other benefits, starting with an ad-free experience, followed by downloads for offline listening, and more.

In this way, YouTube Music is on par in this regard with such important rivals as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and company. The advantage of this feature is the ability to listen to song using lists and radio stations while the device screen is completely turned off, allowing the performance of other tasks independently, or another application is being used on said device.

In this regard, they indicate that:

Within this, you can interact with the YouTube Music app through an exciting ad-supported radio-like experience that features the artists, songs and albums you love, plus custom shuffle mixes without the hassle of having to keep open. the YouTube Music app on your device.

It only remains for the expansion of background listening on free accounts to spread to more markets sooner rather than later.

More information: Google Canada

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