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After the very strong increase in the second half of the previous year, the applications for the environmental bonus have stabilized at a high level. However, the record level of December 2020 has not yet been reached again. In September, 58 percent of all applications were for pure e-mobiles.


VW ID.3: More than half of the applications are for the purchase of German cars. (Photo: VW)

The current BAFA statistics show a total of 846,735 applications for the environmental bonus by the end of September 2021. Of these, 468,399 applications were for purely electric cars (including 213 applications for cars with fuel cells) and 378,336 applications for plug-in hybrids. In September there were a total of 51,389 applications. 29,563 applications were received for purely electric cars, 21,826 applications for plug-in hybrids …

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