Netflix brings “Play Something” feature to Android devices globally

Netflix premieres this October in a big way. The popular on-demand content streaming platform is officially bringing its ‘Play Something’ feature to Android devices globally.

Available as tests since last April, «Reproducir algo» is dedicated to making a random selection on any series or movie according to the history or other activity of the user, to see in those moments when you do not feel like looking for, for which the function will show a series of suggestions until the user is going to find the content that he is most convinced to see.

For when you don’t want to search for something on mobile phones too

In this way, “Play something” is available both in the Netflix app for smart TVs as from now also in the official Netflix application for devices under Android.

And what about mobile users under iOS? According to the company, this function will arrive in tests to its application for the iOS platform over the next few months, without further information about it.

It will be a matter of having some patience so that this function can become available.

Secondly, Netflix is ​​bringing its Quick Laughs feature to Android devices in select markets, that is, in the USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.

Available since the beginning of the year on iOS, this function tries to show the funniest elements of your series and movies, such as the outtakes or other moments of the original productions, in the format of short video clips in the style TikTok.

And finally, the «Downloads for you» function, available until now on Android, finally arrives on iOS devices.

The idea basically consists of having a saved copy of your favorite content to make it possible to view them offline at those times that are most conducive, such as while flying, on vacation in a place without mobile coverage, etc.

In this way, Netflix tries to catch up in an increasingly competitive market, and perhaps also something already saturated with so many options, although some of them are not yet so well known to the general public.

In any case, what is intended is to cover specific needs without affecting the entire experience that Netflix offers in all its applications.

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