The future electric Porsche Cayman wants to remain the best sports car, and refuses to lose the mid-engine structure

The next generation of Porsche Cayman and Boxster It will have an electric and sports car platform specifically designed to mimic the character of today’s mid-mounted gasoline-powered cars and which could also serve as the basis for future Audi and Lamborghini models.

Thanks to a novel arrangement of the batteries, called “e-core”, these first electric sports cars Porsche should offer a driving position and a center of gravity as low as possible, in line with what is expected of them dynamically. In any case, that is the intention of Porsche.

Part of this new strategy was unveiled by Porsche with the Mission R concept car. While the Mission R is a preview of what could be the car of a future one-make cup with 100% electric models, it also reveals details of style and dimensions. of future electric Cayman and Boxster.

And a one-brand cup is also a way of promoting and communicating about the sport of a new model. Especially when that new model is electric and replaces one that has always been a reference in dynamic terms, such as the Cayman, and of course, the Boxster.

At Porsche they recognize that Mission R reflects the work being done in parallel in the company’s design study on future electric vehicles, suggesting that some styling elements will be seen in production models. In addition, the dimensions of the car are similar to those of the current 718 Cayman and Boxster.

Porsche Cayman Electrico 2000 1

Porsche Mission R

Porsche used a modified version of the chassis of the 718 Cayman to build the Mission R concept, but that does not mean that the future electric Cayman will recover the platform of the current model, even modified. Using an existing base of similar dimensions to the concept for its manufacture is a common practice when creating concept cars.

A specific platform that could be shared with Lamborghini and Audi

Porsche Cayman Electrico 2000 4

The future Porsche Cayman will have to perform as well as the current model on the track, at the very least to achieve some legitimacy.

Oliver Blume, CEO de Porsche, explained that they do not make “a transfer of the platform with an internal combustion engine because there are too many commitments.” Thus, the Cayman and Boxster futures platform will be own and developed specifically for them, “although connected with some modules from other cars. But the platform will be unique, “explained Blume.

One of the keys to these future models is the position of the battery. The Mission R is designed to mimic the design of a mid-engined sports car, placing the batteries – the vehicle’s heaviest element – behind the driver, but ahead of the rear axle, where the internal combustion engine would normally be located.

Porsche Cayman Electrico 2000 5

In that sense it is somewhat different from the rest of electric cars that place the battery on the floor of the car, between the two axles. Here, in order to maintain a low height, Porsche would choose to position the battery behind the passengers. It is a solution similar to the one you will propose Lotus in its electric future developed in collaboration with Alpine.

Finally, Porsche CTO Michael Steiner said Porsche was researching a mid-engine battery design before trying to mimic a rear-wheel drive car like the 911 because, with current electric vehicle technology, the company wanted keep batteries inside the car’s central crash structure for safety reasons.

In addition, Steiner hinted that this platform layout could also be used for higher-performance cars in the future, perhaps from sister brands. Lamborghini and Audi, noting that a concept like the Mission R could be developed with an “in the direction” arrangement of a supercar. Finally, the Electric Audi R8 it could be a reality thanks to Porsche.

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