The iPhone 13 has arrived for Vodafone

A new, cheap Oppo also appeared on the standard October price list, but the point is clearly around the new iPhones: is the new one very expensive, and has the 12 series become cheaper?


As usual, at the beginning of the month, the red service provider updated its price list, and among the novelties, there is a good chance not of the HUF 66,990 subscription base price. Oppo A16s will be really striking, but also iPhone 13 family, which was available to Vodafone subscribers in all sizes and designs, but only up to 256 GB of storage.

iPhone 13 Mini once
iPhone 13 Mini in our hands [+]

Let’s start with the Mini-line: the 13 Mini with 128 GB of storage will be on the store shelves at a subscription base price of HUF 293,790, and with 256 GB the starting price is HUF 333,690. In itself, of course, this is hardly more advantageous than card-independent, priceHowever, with the various package discounts and the 21-month installment payment, it may already sound better. In the case of the 12 Mini, the price of the 64 GB basic model did not change with the arrival of the novelty, it remained at HUF 262,290, but the 128 GB model decreased to HUF 268,590, which is a price advantage of approximately HUF 15,000 compared to last month.

The price of the sleek iPhone 12 has become more competitive, while the Pro has remained at meaningless heights in the knowledge of the new quartet [+]

In the case of the smooth iPhone 13, we don’t have much choice, the 256 GB model is only listed for 373,590 HUF, while the 128 GB version of the iPhone 12 has been reduced, for 302,190 HUF instead of the previous 350,490 HUF. In the case of the iPhone 13 Pro, the 128GB version opens at 423,990 forints, making the previous generation completely meaningless, which remained at 438,690 forints with the same amount of storage, and will probably be removed from the offer sooner than the price drops significantly. Anyone who needs a 256 GB model from the iPhone 13 Pro can count on the price of 463,890 forints, and the same amount is included in the opening model of the 13 Pro Max 128 GB, with 256 GB it already crosses the half-million mark, exactly 503,790 with a forint label. We’re also coming soon with our iPhone tests, the iPhone 13 and Mini will be unveiled tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and we’ll be getting the Pro models in hand soon.

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