USB C cable logos indicating their speed and quality

Not all USB-C cables are the same, surely you have already noticed when the mobile says something like “put the original cable to get a better charging experience.”

The charger of a mobile phone, which is plugged in, can offer more or less power, which makes fast charging can run without problems, but the type of USB-C cable used is also important, and there are some logos that warn of the theme.

logos usb c

In the image above you can see the different logos that may appear on the box of the cable that we buy. Sometimes they also appear in the cable itself, although it is rarer.

Has been the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) which presented the logos to be able to differentiate the new generation of USB-C cables, USB-C 4.0, including the cables that they may offer up to 240W power.

Current cables have a maximum of 100W, and that is not enough for many computers. Mobile phones do not have problems with the subject, since it is very difficult to find a mobile that exceeds 100W, but yes we want these cables to be used as power for any device, you need to increase its limits. In fact, the idea is to power consumer electronics of all kinds, from laptops and smartphones to screens and chargers.

As you can see in the image, the logos inform whether they have 60W or 240W of power, all according to Specification 3.1 of USB Power Delivery recently published.

The Certified USB4 ™ logos are updated in this way to unify the brand (something that was already necessary), so if you do not find these logos on the cables, you already know that they are not “official”, so it becomes more difficult identify their performance and power capacity.

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