Charging the electric car on streetlights, an increasingly widespread formula that is triumphing in the Netherlands

The inhabitants of the Dutch city of Arnhem they already have charging points for electric cars at street lamps Township. About half of the city’s streetlights that are located in the parking areas are equipped with a double charging point.

Anyway, the parking spaces they are not reserved only for electric vehiclesIf not, any driver, even if they have a gasoline car, can make use of these reserved parking spaces.

They will be powered by a solar park to be built in the city in 2022


Through the growing demand for electric vehicles, the city council of this Dutch city decided to install charging points, initially, on request.

This led to the installation of more bollards along the street and it was also sometimes difficult to place the bollards. charging poles in the electricity grid and in public space without any problem.

In addition, that parking space was reserved for electric cars, which sometimes generated some resentment from other citizens.

To alleviate these problems, the city council decided to install them on the streetlights, so there will be no more obstacles on the sidewalk. These charging stations, which are now connected to the electricity grid, will be powered by a solar park that will be will build in the city in 2022.

In total, they will adapt 150 streetlights with 300 charging points in the district of Schuytgraaf in the south of Arnhem. In the coming years, it is planned to install more charging points, both in new neighborhoods and in other areas of the municipality, as well as in public or company car parks that may also be used by residents.

The investment that has been carried out by the municipality itself for the installation of these points, amounts to 485.000 euros, which are obtained from the Municipal Climate Fund of the town hall.


Having charging points on streetlights is not new. A pilot project started in Valencia that consisted of the installation of charging points in public lighting, something that has also settled in London. And another good example is some retractable charging points that they hide underground when not in use, on the streets of the British township

Every time the demand for electric cars is greater, so the municipalities begin to study the way to power install charging points and that, in addition, don’t be a hindrance on the sidewalkSince in order to promote electric cars, you have to have a place to charge them, especially when you don’t have a private garage.

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