Google Classroom adds new features for video conferencing

Google is adding new features to make Meet video conferencing in Classroom more secure and easier to manage.

To do this, the Google team has taken into account a series of common situations that arise when creating video conferences as part of virtual classes.

New features to make virtual classes more secure

All the news announced by Google They are designed to facilitate the management of videoconferences, to be safe and any inconvenience can be anticipated. For example, one of the new features allows Assistant Professors to automatically co-host the meeting.

That way, they won’t have to go through setup to assign them this role, and they will be able to help in managing the video calls. And at the same time, they can start the meeting without the need for the main teacher to be present in the video call.

On the other hand, several modalities are being added that will prevent students from entering meetings without permission or uninvited people from entering without authorization. For example, students will never be able to join a meeting before their teacher, regardless of whether they have the Meet link.

If the teacher is late, the students will be directed to a waiting room until they join the meeting. So students will never find themselves in a video call without proper supervision. On the other hand, a new moderation option is also added to prevent guests, who do not correspond to the class, from participating in the meeting.

If it is detected that the guest is not on the class list, they will have to request authorization to participate in the video call. In that case, they will have to request to join, and the teacher will decide whether to accept the request to participate or not.

These new features are in addition to the rest of the Google Classroom features that help maintain security in different educational settings.

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