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The first generation of BMW Series 2 Active Tourer it was launched on the market in 2015. During this time the automotive sector and the technology applied to it has evolved a lot. That is why now comes a second generation of this compact minivan that will initially be offered in gasoline and diesel versions, while later the plug-in hybrids will join.

The change on an aesthetic level with respect to the previous generation of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is more than evident. The new model adapts the new design line from other models of the brand to the proportions of the compact minivan.

Bmw Series 2 Active Tourer 14

The front is marked by gigantic kidneys that mark the BMW grille. Next to it the LED lights look even small and have a compact and slim design.

Have the steeper A-pillar, which together with the longer windows and the door handles flush with the bodywork, make it look much more refined than the model it replaces. The much thinner C-pillar also stands out.

Bmw Series 2 Active Tourer 12

At the rear, the combination of wide hips and slim LED headlamps give it a particularly good appearance. muscular and solid. The exhaust outlets are not visible in any of the versions, they are integrated into the skirt.

The rims of 16 to 19 inches and the finishes Luxury Line and M Sport will mark the style of the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

Adapted iX interior

Bmw Series 2 Active Tourer 5

If the exterior design is a total break with what we knew so far, inside more of the same. The arrangement of the different elements is inspired by the concept of the passenger compartment of the BMW iX.

Highlights the up panel de instrumentos, the BMW Curved Display, the “floating” armrest with integrated control panel and in general a very fresh, technological and Premium style.

Bmw Series 2 Active Tourer 4

The BMW Curved Display it is formed by a screen of 10.25 inch and a control screen with a diagonal of 10.7 inch.

Increase the wheelbase and track width, while ensuring that it has a sporty and comfortable feel at the same time

At first glance it seems that the space available in both the front and rear seats has been optimized. It has five seats and the rear seats can slide forward up to 13 centimeters.

Bmw Series 2 Active Tourer 2

That allows the trunk to be 90 liters wider than in its predecessor, reaching 470 liters in the 218i and 218d Active Tourer and 415 liters in the BMW 220i Active Tourer.

All have an electrically operated tailgate.

Technology and extensive equipment as standard

Bmw Series 2 Active Tourer 7

The equipment serial The new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is also very prominent. The two-zone automatic climate control, the sports leather steering wheel, the rain sensor with control of the windscreen wipers and automatic light activation and the parking assistant (Parking Assist) with reverse assistance camera among many other things make the Series 2 Active Tourer takes a step forward in this regard.

In the technological aspect, BMW ensures that this is the compact car with the larger selection of attendees to automated driving and parking.

Bmw Series 2 Active Tourer 6

The cruise control with braking function reacts to oncoming traffic by turning left or right, pedestrians and cyclists.

The parking assist, which includes the reversing assist camera and the reversing assist, are also part of the standard equipment.

Bmw Series 2 Active Tourer 3

On option there are systems such as the Steering and lane control assistant, the active cruise control with Stop & Go function, the active navigation, the departure warning function, the BMW Head-Up Display and the vision functions. Panoramic (Surround View), Remote 3D View, BMW Drive Recorder and Remote Theft Recorder.

As a novelty come the remote software updates that allow to improve or expand these functionalities, as well as the functions on demand when the client wishes through subscription.

Gasoline and diesel engines

BMW Series 2 Active Tourer 10

The new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is launched in February 2022 and it will initially arrive with combustion engines, cleaner and more efficient than ever.

On gasoline There are two options, being the 218i Active Tourer 136 hp access. Above the 220i Active Tourer features 48-volt mild hybrid technology. In total it develops 170 hp, of which 156 hp is delivered by the gasoline engine and 19 hp by the electric propulsion system integrated into the gearbox.

Bmw Series 2 Active Tourer 16

On diesel the BMW 218d Active Tourer develops 150 hp. They claim that it is a very efficient model that uses low-friction pistons and two-stage turbocharging.

All engines are combined as standard with the dual-clutch gearbox Steptronic seven-speed.

Later, possibly around the summer of 2022, the expected versions will arrive plug-in hybrids They will adopt the fifth BMW eDrive system.

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