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Google is now reaching out to marketers to introduce them to the new features it is introducing in the new version of Google Analytics, launched last year, to help them achieve their goals.

According to Google, after the launch of Google Analytics 4 last year, features such as improved advertising reports and compatibility with user consent options have been arriving to achieve compliance with objectives without compromising user privacy.

Now comes the integration of improved search capabilities, smarter attribution for insights to help optimize performance across all marketing channels, plus new modeling capabilities that “close the gaps” in data. and helps in the preparation of measurements to be carried out in the future.

Regarding the integration of advanced search capabilities, Google notes that Search Console, your website search performance measurement tool, now comes to Analytics to understand the ‘role organic search plays in generating traffic and engaging on your site in connection with other marketing channels such as search ads, email, or social media. »

For smarter attribution, to the Conversion Paths and Model Comparison features arrived earlier in the year Now comes data-driven attribution, with no minimum threshold requirements, to the properties of the new Google Analytics.

The company defines it as follows:

Google’s data-driven attribution models give you a better understanding of how all of your marketing activities collectively influence your conversions, so you don’t over- or underestimate a single channel. (…) Data-driven attribution distributes credit to each marketing touchpoint based on the impact the touchpoint had on generating a conversion

And when it comes to new modeling capabilities, Google notes that Conversion modeling comes to “attribution reports, the conversion report and the scans to identify where the conversions are coming from and assign them to the appropriate Google and third-party channels.

Also that reporting will soon support behavior modeling, which according to Google:

uses rigorously tested and validated machine learning to fill in the gaps in behavioral data, such as daily active users or average revenue per user. This allows you to take uninterrupted measurements on all devices and platforms.

With these news, Google wants help professionals marketing better meet your key objectives, so he strongly recommends the use of Google Analytics 4 instead of other options.

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