This is unstoppable! The electric car market share in Norway continues to grow and is already … more than 90%!

Norway continues to break records when it comes to electric car sales and their numbers are on the rise. Last September the plug-in car market share in the Nordic country it was more than 90%, according to the data of the Norwegian Roads Federation.

And, although there are several factors to take into account for the electric vehicle to penetrate so much in this country and not in others, sales of electric cars continue to grow.

Pure thermal vehicles do not exceed 3%


In total, in the month of September, 13,946 cars were registered purely electric, with a market share was 77.5%. As for hybrids, 2,508 have been registered plug-in hybrids, which occupy the 13,9 % of the fee.

Taking into account the plug-in cars, the monthly market share for the month of September amounts to 91,5 %. On the other hand, non-plug-ins continue to decrease and only 582 have been registered, representing a market share of 3.2%.

September 2021 Norway Passenger Auto Registrations Sq

Source: CleanTechnica

As for purely thermal cars, only the 2,3 % of sales have been diesel and the 3 % of the market share for the month of September, were gasoline.

And it is that in recent months, it is seen as in Norway gasoline and diesel cars are increasingly less weight in the market. In fact, if the trend continues as before, it could be the first country in which don’t sell a single internal combustion car from next April.

In addition, starting in 2022, the Government would require that most of the new vehicle purchases by part of public agencies be electric as of January 1, 2022.

On Spain, last September, the market share of electric vehicles has been 36.6%, but it still represents 4.4% of the market share.

In Motorpasión | This map shows European plans to make batteries for electric cars, with Germany and Norway leading the way.

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