War on fossil fuels! The EU supports the prohibition of advertising of gasoline and diesel cars

“Stop Top Assassin Propaganda”. This is the main objective of a new European Citizens Initiative, approved by the European Commission and promoted by 20 associations, which aims to promote a European law that prohibits the advertising of any company operating in the fossil fuel market or make use of them.

This would include advertising for gasoline and diesel cars, boats or airplanes.

And also the sponsorship


Specifically, the initiative calls for both advertising and sponsorship to be prohibited:

  • Advertising of fossil fuels and of air, road and inland water transport services (except for transport services of general economic interest) that use fossil fuels.
  • Advertising of any company that operates in the fossil fuel market, in particular in the field of extraction, refining, supply, distribution or sale of fossil fuels.
  • Sponsorship by the companies referred to in the previous point or the use of trademarks or trade names used for fossil fuels.

This is not something totally crazy if we look, for example, at Amsterdam: in June it became the first city to pass a law that bans advertisements by fossil fuel and aviation companies in public spaces after a similar citizen petition .

Headlines such as the British The Guardian have also joined the movement and since 2020 they do not accept advertising from companies that are dedicated to the extraction of fossil fuels.

According to data from Greenpeace, Repsol invests 48% of its advertising in the so-called green washing or ‘greenwashing’ while its portfolio of fossil fuels is 78%.

This technique consists of promote an image that does not fit with the actual activities of the companies.

According to the results of A study that Greenpeace Holland commissioned DeSmog to investigate more than 3,000 advertisements on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube from six fossil fuel companies (Shell, Total Energies, Preem, Eni, Repsol and Fortum), in the case of Shell, Preem and Fortum 81% of the ads classified them as greenwash.


Photo: Repsol.

Something similar happens with the automotive industry: as is logical in the field of marketing, vehicles whose tanks have to be filled with oil and which require maintenance are not sold; they sell dreams, freedom.

But now that freedom does not equip a V8, but an electric motor and batteries, which is the only future that awaits the automotive industry.

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