What mass hysteria? A group of British drivers follow a concrete mixer, thinking it was carrying gasoline

“You could have stopped and told us you weren’t a gasoline tanker.” Thus ends one -but probably not the last- of the best stories that he has left us to date the crisis in the United Kingdom around the supply of gasoline.

The desperation to fill the tanks of their cars led a group of Britons to follow a truck carrying 44 tons of cement to a construction site. When the driver reached his destination, he found a long line of cars waiting for him.

Dangerous behavior

“I didn’t realize it initially, but then on the highway I noticed that no one was overtaking me and I saw a line of about 20 cars behind me,” explains the truck driver a la BBC.

It was on the A43 motorway that he realized that he was being followed: he turned left and a line of cars did the same. It was not by chance, they thought it was a tanker truck that transported the scarce fuel to the service stations.

When the driver reached his destination, several of the vehicles behind him began to whistle at him; Thinking that something was wrong, he got out of the truck and that’s when they asked him which gas station he was going to.

It can be quite comical but the situation is seriousThe British are going from hoarding fuel to fighting violently over it in service stations and even, as we have seen, to chasing possible tanker trucks, with the danger that this entails.

The problem is not a lack of fuel, but of truckers who transport it. That is why the British Government has decided to temporarily turn to the Army to supply the collapsed service stations.

These pressures in the supply chain, says the Executive, have nothing to do with Brexit, but with “the pandemic and the recovery of the world economy around the world.”

The prime minister’s solution is to issue 5,000 temporary visas for foreign drivers to end the crisis with their workforce. At the moment Only 127 requests have been received from truckers who are willing to work in the UK.

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