WhatsApp will allow you to listen to voice notes even if we leave the chat


WhatsApp solves one of the most common problems with voice memos.

Following a similar dynamic to Telegram, in the future we will no longer need to have a WhatsApp chat open to play voice notes.

WhatsApp is developing a global player for voice memos

If you use WhatsApp you will know that you need to have the chat open to hear the voice notes. Otherwise, you will see that the audio is interrupted as soon as you close the chat. This is a dynamic that does not go well with our multitasking mode, that we want to do a thousand things at the same time while having the mobile in hand.

Or if we have one of those friends who send us endless voice notes, it becomes monotonous having to wait minute after minute with the chat open until the audio ends. However, WhatsApp is about to fix this problem. As mentioned in WaBetaInfo, new dynamics were detected in the development of the beta of the app for iOS devices.

As can be seen in the images shared by that medium, WhatsApp will implement a dynamic similar to Telegram for voice notes. As with Telegram, we can play the voice note and then move to other chats while listening to the audio.

And this audio player will be anchored at the top of the app, so we can move with ease through the chat lists. We will see the user’s profile photo identifying the voice note in the player, as well as the options to pause or delete it. So you can listen to the long voice notes that your friends send you while you answer other chats.

At the moment, this function is in development, so we will not find it in any of the WhatsApp betas. We will have to wait to see how it works in some of the tests before it goes to the stable version.

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