Google invests 1 billion in digitization in Africa

The lack of digital tools in Africa causes problems of all kinds on the continent. In the world in which we live, tools are necessary that help to be competitive in a market with many protagonists, but they are also necessary to guarantee a minimum quality of life for people, both in health and in communication.

Africa is the forgotten continent. For centuries it has been used as an international mine, as a source for slaves, as a hunting ground for wild animals… and now, which might need help in many sectors, it has few hands willing to offer anything.

Today Google has given great news in this regard, an investment of one billion dollars in that continent, for five years, to be able to create connectivity projects and investments in new companies.

It is true that technology can be a lifesaver, whether it is to find information that helps us stay healthy, or to connect with new customers and markets. In Africa there are many proposals that use technology to grow, such as machine learning to help doctors diagnose and treat diseases, or those that offer access to online learning outside the big cities. The problem is that there is a lack of money, there is a lack of resources, but there is no excess desire.

The idea of ​​this investment is to connect 300 million people over the next five years, young creatives and entrepreneurs who can make a difference in their region.

It is not the first time that Google moves on the continent, already in 2017 they began to train millions of people, including 80,000 developers from all countries in Africa and creating thousands of jobs. In 2018 they created an artificial intelligence research center in Accra, and now they want to focus the investment on allowing Internet access, digitizing companies, helping entrepreneurs to promote next generation technologies and supporting NGOs, all collaborating with different institutions that they must do their job so that the money goes exactly to the right place.

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