it will be an electric car but with character

There are those who restore it, those who reinvent it and those who transform it. Let’s talk about the Lancia Delta, one of the most loved cars and famous for her muscular look and her countless successes in the world rally championship. Finally it will be Lancia itself to bring it back to life. It will be electric, but it will retain the features that have made it so famous.

About three years ago Automobili Amos created a restomod of the “Deltona”, while GCK has already created an electric Lancia Delta Integrale. Sebastiano Ciarcia instead has reinterpreted in 3D the racing Delta with Martini livery, But one thing is certain, the Delta is returning.

These are not rumors, but statements made by Luca Napolitano, the new CEO of Lancia, during an interview with the microphones of Corriere della Sera. In Napolitano’s words, the new Delta will arrive in about 4 years, therefore in a hypothetical 2026, and added: “Tall want Delta and it cannot be missing from our plans. It will return and it will be a true Delta: an exciting car, a manifesto of progress and technology. And, of course, it will be electric”.

The details in this regard are still very few, but probably Lancia will use a platform of the Stellantis group, for example the STLA Medium, and according to our local newspaper it could adopt solid state batteries which would guarantee an autonomy of up to 700 km.

We just have to wait for new news about it, and in the meantime Lancia will replace the Ypsilon with the new generation scheduled for 2024, which will also be the last car of the brand to be offered with a thermal engine, given that from 2026 Lancia will only produce EV cars.

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