Mark Zuckerberg responded to criticism, one day after Facebook’s historic crash

The fall of Facebook and all its associated platforms, which lasted six hours yesterday, has unleashed a wave of criticism that came to fuel a climate that had already been building tension for some time. Furthermore, as expected, the consequences of this episode have been evidently negative.

During the first hours of this day, Mark Zuckerberg, founder, director and currently owner of an important part of Facebook, referred to this recent event and the controversy previously originated around Instagram and negative influence that can be exercised in adolescents.

Zuckerberg responds to his employees the latest Facebook controversies

Through his Facebook profile, Zuckerberg public a state in which he attached a message that he previously shared with the workers of his company, also owner of WhatsApp and Instagram.

First, the founder of the social network referred to the historic downfall of Facebook and its sister platforms, noting that “The SEV that removed all of our services yesterday was the worst outage we have had in years. We have spent the last 24 hours reporting how we can strengthen our systems against these types of failures. This was also a reminder of how much our work matters to people. The deepest concern with an outage like this is not how many people switch to competitive services or how much money we lose, but what it means for people who depend on our services to communicate with their loved ones, run their businesses or support their communities. “.‎

Only that paragraph made mention of what happened yesterday. In an extension 15 times greater, Zuckerberg responded to the controversy around Instagram Kids, the controversial and today discontinued project of the company, aimed at users who still do not meet the minimum age requirement to register on Instagram.

By way of context, the Facebook CEO commented that he assumes that the media coverage of this case could make it difficult for some people to understand. “We care deeply about issues such as safety, well-being and mental health.”he added, accusing that an unfounded negative public image is being mounted.

Responding in a general way to the criticisms that pointed towards this project, Mark Zuckerberg asked a series of rhetorical questions. “If we wanted to ignore the research – the study that called this project into question – why would we create an industry-leading research program to understand these important issues in the first place?”, were part of the questions.

The creator of Facebook also commented that he does not know of cases of digital platforms aimed at generating an impairment in its users and that they are no exception. In addition, he also added that his company established an industry-leading standard for transparency and reporting on its activity.

Defending his initiative, Zuckerberg justified the failed project with Instagram by appealing to today’s particular digital context. “The reality is that young people use technology. Think about how many school-age children have telephones. Rather than ignoring this, technology companies must create experiences that meet their needs while keeping them safe. We are deeply committed to doing industry leading work in this area. “

The message is long and is dedicated to spinning fine with several edges of this controversy. In the end, Zuckerberg highlights the good performance of Facebook workers, highlighting the positive impact he considers they have had on society.

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