Older selected televisions from LG get the Apple TV app!

Last year, many LG televisions received the Apple TV app from 2018 to 2021. Now even older selected TVs from LG can have the Apple TV app!

LG TVs from 2016 to 2017 can download the Apple TV app!

The app is now available for selected older LG TVs. You can simply download the app from the LG Content Store. I find this handy, but I’m a big fan of Apple TV 4K devices. The Apple TV 4K offers significantly more functions. Apple TV 4K can even be used as a smart home center. And who, like me, has an Apple One subscription. Can also play amusing, entertaining games in between, for example while the mistress is getting ready. But back to the topic: the app has one disadvantage for older televisions. You cannot access the media library. So there is nothing else to do if you want to use the app to take out a subscription for 4.99 euros.

The app has already been seen in the OLED series B6 and B7. If you also have an LG TV from the year you can check it out in the LG content store, as mentioned, and comment here. The more information we collect together, the better for the community 🙂

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