The Piëch GT is a sculptural 612 hp electric supercar that wants to emulate the classic gasoline gran turismo

More than 600 hp, all-wheel drive and acceleration from 0-100 in less than three seconds. With these credentials the Piëch GT, an exclusive two-seater sports car and totally electric, but with old school DNA.

This zero-emission coupe began its journey in the form of a concept, as usual: the Piëch Mark Zero concept which was presented in 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show. And after two years and managing to weather the pandemic, it will come true.

Piëch GT, a new electric supercar

Signs it, Piëch Automotive a 100% electric brand and captained by Toni Piech, son of Ferdinand Piech and therefore great-grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. He is also behind this firm as Chief Engineer Klaus Schmidt, who was at the helm of BMW M for 30 years.

This incipient manufacturer aims to give way to three high-flying cars, the first being this sports car Piëch GT.

its market launch is planned for 2024 and in 2022 it will begin development tests to complete its final version. However, Piëch Automotive has just revealed its main ingredients and the first images.

Up to 16,000 laps and capable of being charged to 80% in eight minutes

Piëch GT, a new electric supercar

The Piëch GT sits on a modular platform developed by this manufacturer: an architecture that will also embrace your future four-seater coupe saloon, the Piëch Sportlimousine, and a High performance SUV.

With its sculptural shapes, this Piëch GT is reminiscent of other sports cars in design, for example the round headlights that evoke the Porsche 911, but it also has something of the Aston Martin or Jaguar coupes. Be that as it may, not far aesthetically different from the original Piëch Mark Zero that the brand defines as “timeless design”.

Piëch GT, a new electric supercar

This electric sports car signs 4.43 m long, 1.99 m wide and 1.25 m high, stopping the scale at the 1.800 kilos. It is not a featherweight precisely, but Piëch claims to have worked so that the distribution of weights is as similar as possible to a combustion sports car to convey the same sensations.

For example batteries are arranged on the flat T-shaped bottom between the central tunnel and the rear area, managing to sign the 40/60.

Three electric motors synchronous bring it to life: one housed in the front axle and two in the rear. Each of these engines produces 150 kW (204 hp), so together they reach up to 450 kW (612 CV). And they can rotate to a maximum of 16.000 rpm.

Piëch GT, a new electric supercar

With these ingredients he promises to sign the 0-100 in less than 3.0 seconds and the 0-200 in less than nine. The maximum speed has not yet been announced, although it is detailed that the maximum speed of laps reaches it at 250 km / h.

The electrical mechanics of the Piëch GT draw their energy from a latest generation lithium ion battery developed the Chinese Desten and focused on being as light as possible. It also boasts, according to Piëch, a remarkable thermal efficiency.

Piëch GT, a new electric supercar

Its capacity is 75 kWh and an autonomy autonomy close to 500 km (WLTP). The advertised charging time is also ambitious: thanks to TGOOD’s on-board charger, it promises fill the batteries to 80% in super-fast shots in only eight minutes.

All this at least on paper, we will see if after the development tests and adjustments it maintains credentials. The objective of Piëch Automotive is to deliver 1,200 units of this GT in its first year of production.

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