The Pixel 6 will be unveiled on October 19th

According to them, the date that appeared in the first official advertisement is correct, the reference mobiles running Android 12 will arrive in two weeks.


A Google it was officially released yesterday the AOSP version of Android 12, and manufacturers are launching user betas at a rapid pace to introduce the new system to users as soon as possible. It may even be that the Google Pixel 6 is Pixel 6 Pro will be the first device to run Android 12, although apparently the first to be released with this version from the outset. (Unless Realme overtakes them in the international market with GT Neo2.)

If all goes according to plan, Oppo will make its new Android 12-based user interface available as early as October 11 and Realme as early as October 13. While this year’s Pixel models are only officially announced, on October 19 they arrive. In addition to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, it is possible that the first Bendable Pixel and optimized for a flexible format Android 12.1 also introduces the Google Pixel Fall event.

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