These five Xiaomi and Redmi became Android 12 for the first time

The sign: Snapdragon 888.


Now, that market for Android 12 on AOSP, it ‘s the manufacturers’ turn to publish their up – to – date Google code on their existing devices by dragging their own interface, or to throw their new stores on the shelves with a fresh system. However, the transition will not go from one moment to the next, and first and foremost, high-end devices will benefit the most. update package, it turned out many manufacturers from its communication – and the same is true of Xiaomin.

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First, the Xiaomi Mi 11, a We 11 Dec and the Mi 11 Ultra, and also fitted with the Snapdragon 888 Redmi K40 Pro and K40 Pro+ get the update, of course with the most up-to-date MIUI interface possible. Another issue is that in the first round, Chinese owners can be happy, and so far the manufacturer has not whispered to them exactly when. Everyone else will later benefit from Android 12, owned by the above mobiles, and the rest hasn’t been mentioned yet.

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