This is how they should be in order to lower the accident rate, according to the DGT

Based on the premise that human beings make mistakes by nature, the DGT has prepared a report that includes what the concept of ‘roads that forgive mistakes’ should be like. It’s about the five most effective road design measures that would reduce the number of road accidents and their consequences.

As Traffic promises, they are low cost so their implementation would not imply a great expense for the State, which treasures a huge hole when it comes to road maintenance it means.

The importance of design in road safety

The main criterion of road design is to apply “a system capable of acting in the event of human error, which is inevitable, but avoiding serious consequences,” according to the DGT.

Thus, they are proposed from visual and acoustic elements, measures for the separation and delimitation of traffic flows, management measures and traffic calming to protection and warning elements.

Smart cross

Smart Cross

Is about an intelligent signaling system for dangerous intersections or crossings of conventional roads, whose objective is to avoid frontal-lateral collisions, explains the DGT.

Through sensors, the signaling is activated only to warn drivers on the main road of the proximity of another vehicle that is about to carry out the crossing maneuver by means of tecnología car-to-X (information exchange between vehicle-infrastructure-vehicle).

To date, the number of smart crossings amounts to 32, which are located in 28 provinces of the total of 50 in Spain.

Painted pavement

It is a pigmented floor in a color different from the usual one, generally in reddish tones, uniform and striking for users, both during the day and at night.

Its objective is to increase the driver’s attention on a section of road that is especially dangerous, such as a very sharp curve, a dangerous crossing, etc.

It can also be applied in the approach to crossings, pedestrian or cyclist crossings or at low speed points, and it is calculated that it reduces the accident rate by 35%.

Sense separation

It consists of reinforcing the separation between opposite directions by increasing the width of the median, installing a physical barrier or a central area framed by two longitudinal lines.

The area inscribed between these two lines can be highlighted with paint of a different color or with a grain or with differentiating textures.

Its objective is to increase the lateral distance between vehicles traveling in the opposite direction to avoid frontal or frontal-lateral collisions. It can also be used to induce in the driver the perception that the road is narrower and to make them circulate at a slower speed and avoid overtaking.

Ditching devices

They are systems that prevent the serious consequences of the impact of a vehicle against the ditch crossing in the event of road exits.

These steps are slopes, tubes or small structures that give continuity to the longitudinal drainage of the road and are usually built at intersections with local roads or highways.

The protective system is capable of redirecting the trajectory of the vehicle that has left the road to avoid a direct collision with objects located behind the passage.

Sound guides


Very common on our roads, they are small indentations or projections in the road that, when stepped on by the vehicle’s tire, produce vibration or sound.

They can be positioned to separate directions of travel or at the edge of the road and their function is to alert drivers who are distracted or drowsy that they are unintentionally straying from their path.

They also serve to reinforce compliance with a continuous line or indicate to drivers that they are traveling through a dangerous section.

Of course, for these measures to be effective, the State must comply with its obligation to keep the road network in good condition, especially the secondary roads: they are both the most dangerous and the ones that accumulate the most dropouts.

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