What’s new in Snapchat to empower creators

Many of the main social platforms are using content creators so that other users always have something new to watch. In this sense, Snapchat today announced the arrival of three new functions that try to empower the creators of its platform.

First, Snapchat is launching the gift feature globally, which will allow followers of star creators of ephemeral stories (snaps) to be able to send you gifts for their publications, making it possible to create relaxed conversations between them.

The creators will receive a part of the money that the followers have paid to send them, also having filtering tools to avoid uncomfortable conversations with some of their followers.

Spain is on the list of many countries where this new function is arriving. The main requirement is that favorite snaps creators are at least 16 years old to be eligible to receive gifts from their followers.

In another vein, On the Creator Marketplace, launched this past spring to bring creators into the ad ecosystem, businesses will now also be able to connect with top global snaps creators. in search of giving more visibility to their brands within the platform through content.

With this also comes the “sponsored by” tag that allows star snaps creators to indicate when ephemeral content is sponsored by a brand, as long as the brand has a verified public profile.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to the creators.

Finally Creator Hub arrives to encompass creators, both professionals and aspiring, where they can learn to make their content more attractive to reach more users.

At the same time comes the «Spotlight Challenges«, Seeking to encourage all possible users to create content for Spotlight. Remember that Spotlight is the equivalent of Snapchat a TikTok.

At the moment, the Spotlight challenges are in the testing phase and will be launched for all Snapchat users on Android or iOS in the United States in the month of November.

Those interested will be able to find out which are the trends in which they can participate, and there are financial prizes for the most outstanding content in each individual challenge according to the rules established for participation.

The requirement to be eligible for the financial prizes is to be at least 16 years old.

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