Apple could be forced to open its mobile payment system to third parties

While the European legislation that establishes the USB-C connector as a standard in mobiles and other devices is approved, which would especially affect Apple, the company with the bitten apple may also be affected by the investigations that the EU antitrust authorities are conducting about its NFC chip technology.

Turns out that The European Commission has been investigating Apple Pay since June last year, observing anti-competitive practices that can lead to a possible hefty fine, which could reach some 27,400 million dollars, and the obligation that it also has to open its payment system to rival services, as it has been able to know Reuters from nearby sources.

From the European Commission they understand that Apple is engaging in anti-competitive practices by allowing the use of the NFC chip of its iPhone devices only to the Apple Pay payment platform itself, preventing access to it by rival companies.

With all that is observed, a charge sheet is being worked on that could be sent to Apple over the next year, understanding that the company’s practices violate the rules of the European Union.

It also turns out that the European Commission also has three more cases against Apple. But Apple Pay is not only in view of the authorities of the European Union, since other organizations and authorities also have it under their radar.

In this regard, as noted by Reuters, South Korea has had a bill since last September, which prohibits the owners of application stores from forcing developers to use their payment systems in their applications, which affects even Apple itself.

But in addition, Germany has had a law since 2019 that requires Apple to open its payment system mobile phones to rivals for a reasonable fee. There is no doubt about the success of mobile payment systems, which has also received a strong boost throughout the Covid-19 pandemic by enabling contactless payments.

Apple faces a series of situations that could change the way users use the company’s devices, all driven by the need for greater competition between platforms.

Over time it will be seen how everything ends in the end.

More information: Reuters

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