Canceled again! The Geneva Motor Show is delayed again to 2023 and there are already three

The 2022 Geneva Motor Show has been canceled. Just over a week after giving the official green light to the celebration of the Geneva Motor Show from February 19 to 27, 2022 at the Palexpo venue, Geneva, the show’s organization has finally decided to cancel the event this Thursday morning . What happened?

This type of event lives on the presence of exhibitors, in sufficient number and quality to attract the public, and on visits from the public. In this case, many of the exhibitors, that is, car brands have decided to cancel their participation in the Swiss sample.

The organizers acknowledge that many brands have been removed in recent weeks. They do not indicate which ones, but in any case, it seems clear that with the brands still present it would not be a profitable event economically.

“Many exhibitors have indicated that the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic prevent them from making a firm commitment for the 2022 Show. Added to this is the negative impact that the current shortage of semiconductors has on automakers. It is likely that the chip crisis continues well into next year, with negative financial consequences for manufacturers, ”explained the general director of the Geneva International Motor Show, Sandro Mesquita, explained in the official statement.

Genibra Palexpo

Thus, many brands have decided to withdraw from the event, alluding to the uncertainty of the pandemic (the level of vaccination is very different from one country to another, even in Europe) and the microchip crisis.

Auto shows are no longer interesting

Geneva Salon

A situation that has led them to sell significantly less than in pre-pandemic years, while investments in the development and production of electric cars and other models are maintained. Consequently, they have to cut costs and a motor show, even if it is the prestigious Geneva Motor Show, is not a priority for brands.

On the other hand, the mega international motor shows, such as the one in Geneva, seem a thing of the past. It is a trend that has already been noticed in recent years. The 2020 pandemic has only accentuated this trend, accelerating the process of extinction or reinvention of the classrooms.

Other events have been reinvented, such as the IAA (for Internationale Automobile Ausstellung, or International Salon [de Alemania]), who took advantage of the end of his contract with the Frankfurt campus and the pandemic to propose a new formula in Munich.

And he has done it with a more open formula and closer to the public, with the news spread throughout the city, and at the same time embracing mobility changes, instead of turning our backs on them. In short, it is no longer a new car fair.

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