Cosmos Video, a virtual space that replicates a physical office

Having a meeting at Zoom is not the same as doing it in person. It is not the same to work at home as it is to do it from the office, where we talk with colleagues, we meet them in the cafe, in the corridors, in the elevators … Digital life and remote meetings can be more productive, but something is lost due to the way.

With the idea of ​​solving part of the problem, Cosmos Video was born, and now I tell you how it is.

They want to reinvent the user experience with a platform of video conferencing that is free for companies with less than 10 employees. The functions they offer are:

– Carry out periodic meetings, after which the team naturally breaks into smaller groups to discuss.
– They can be used whiteboards and built-in apps in Cosmos, such as docs, google sheets, figma, miro, etc.
– It’s possible socialize during free time or lunch. We can move around and divide into groups and get in and out of different conversations.
– We can play in groups. Cosmos has more than 20 games (1 player, 2 player and multiplayer): Pong, Gartic phone, Jigsaw and others.
– We can enjoy a shared desk, hold meetings in meeting rooms, walk to others to ask questions, or chat informally.

For larger teams, the first month is free. Cosmos supports up to 150 people in an office and meetings can have up to 35 people.

It looks like a mix between Zoom and minecraft, with drops from the late Houseparty. A really interesting experience, although I doubt that it can replace the physical encounters that are beginning to be reactivated in many parts of the world.

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