George Clooney admits he ‘destroyed the franchise’ with his Batman

Removed from The Flash, George Clooney does not hold a grudge. He tells Variety’s microphone to understand the reasons for his absence.

Without hard feelings. Considered by many to be the worst Batman in history, George Clooney’s Dark Knight was not called in for The Flash. The film adapted from the Flashpoint comics will call upon two different incarnations of the vigilante of Gotham. Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, who played Bruce Wayne in 1989 and 2016 respectively, will cross paths with Barry Allen in the movie directed by Andy Muschietti.

This first solo feature film promises to explore the multiverse and its parallel storylines, as Barry Allen uses his speed to return to the past and prevent his mother’s death. But this little trip will have consequences; after all, it is never very safe to manipulate time. He will thus meet two Batman, among the most popular among fans.

“I want my wife to have some respect for me”

In full promotion for the release of his next film The Tender Bar, George Clooney returned, not without humor, on the reasons for his absence. As you might expect, the actor was not approached by Warner Bros.

They didn’t ask me. When you destroy a franchise like I did, they usually look elsewhere. ” The actor added that he was so embarrassed that he wouldn’t let his wife or children watch Joel Schumacher’s 1997 film. “For some films, I say to myself: ‘I want my wife to have a little respect for me”.

To find The Flash in the cinema (without George Clooney) it will be necessary to wait until November 2, 2022. On this date, Erza Miller will return in the skin of the fastest man in the world, alongside Kiersey Clemons and Ron Livingston. They will camp respectively Iris West and Henry Allen. Maribel Verdu is announced in the skin of Scarlet Speedster.

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