Heating is getting more expensive: costs rise by 13 percent

The heating costs will increase significantly this year. Heating oil becomes significantly more expensive.


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An average household will have 13 percent higher heating costs this year. This is shown by a forecast by the non-profit consulting company co2online. According to the advice, the reasons for the continued rise in heating costs are rising energy prices, but also cooler weather.

Owners of oil heating systems will have to dig deeper into their pockets this year: Here the costs will increase by a whopping 44 percent compared to the previous year. For a 70 square meter apartment in an apartment building, this amounts to an average of around 275 euros.With natural gas heating, it is around 90 euros more (13 percent).

Switching to renewable energies can reduce heating costs

“For more energy efficiency and climate protection, there is no way around energetic renovation of buildings and optimizing existing heating systems,” says co2online managing director Tanja Loitz: “For consumers, heating with heating oil and natural gas is becoming more and more expensive. If you want to make yourself independent of the enormous price fluctuations and do something personally to protect the climate, you should now consider switching to renewable energies when it comes to heating. “

A change of gas supplier can, under certain circumstances, significantly reduce heating costs. With comparison portals like Verivox* or Check24* you can check whether a change is worthwhile for you.

In our guide you will find further tips with which you can reduce your heating costs: Lower heating costs: With these tips you will save money every year

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