new scam discovered by blocked manufacturers

A new scam ensures that blocked manufacturers can still sell their devices and products on Amazon.

New scam binds Amazon’s hands with blocked manufacturers

We have it reportedthat Amazon is taking massive action against fake reviews on its platform and has thereby blocked over 500 Chinese brands and over 50,000 accounts. The companies bought the fake reviews by offering the buyer that they could keep the product for free if they left a 5-star rating for it.

After Amazon discovered this approach, the blocked manufacturers seem to have found a new way of still being able to offer their products on the platform: They sell their products under a new name and then send their “branded product” to the customer.

Users report that they wanted to order a no-name USB-C hub for an iPad Air, for example, and then received one from the blocked manufacturer “Choetech”. And this does not seem to be an isolated case.

With this approach, it is almost impossible for Amazon to find out who is really behind the sale. In addition to a new name, the blocked companies use product images that do not correspond to the device that was then sent. The company only has the opportunity to check if Amazon has the products presented or buyers contact customer service.

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