This is Xavier, with the autonomous driving technology of cars, patrols the streets of Singapore and detects bad behavior

Technologies advance more and more and perhaps we have to get used to seeing autonomous robots. In Singapore for the past months he has been patrolling the streets Xavier, an autonomous robot that serves to warn of bad practices carried by citizens.

In the case of Spain, they want to test the delivery robots and autonomous food trucks of Goggo Network, designed for the delivery of food at home.

360º cameras and night vision

Xavier is an autonomous robot that has four wheels, siete cameras that give you a 360º view and it has sensors and night vision.

Thanks to the sensors, it can move autonomously and avoid static and dynamic obstacles, such as pedestrians and vehicles, along their patrol route configured in advance by policemen.

With his cameras, Xavier allows a real-time detection and analysis, public officials can obtain information on behaviors more efficiently and effectively, and activate additional resources to respond to situations on the ground when necessary.

In addition, public officials can receive real-time information through an interactive dashboard in a command and control center, and can monitor and control multiple robots simultaneously.

The goal of this autonomous robot is watch out for bad behavior or “undesirable behaviors” that citizens may have, such as smoking in prohibited areas, badly parking bicycles, illegal street vending or even violating the rules of approach due to the coronavirus.

Once Xavier detects a violation,ctive alerts in real time to the command center and control, and will display the appropriate message (depending on the scenario) to educate the public and deter such behaviors.

Xavier’s deployment support the work of public officialsas it will reduce the manpower required for foot patrols and improve the efficiency of operations.

The country has 90,000 police cameras, and should double that number by 2030, while also being able to install city-wide facial recognition technology that helps authorities distinguish faces in the crowd.

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