Tim Cook worries about effects of new technology on internet users’ mental health

In an interview for the Bustle media, the CEO of Apple expressed concern about compulsive scrolling on social networks, and the effects of new technologies on the mental health of its users.

In the midst of a debate on negative effects of Instagram on the mental health of young people, the recent statements of the boss of Apple have surprised. Asked by the media Bustle, Tim Cook was indeed worried about “Endless and insane scrolling” encouraged by social platforms. “Technology should serve humanity and not the other way around”, thus declared the boss of the Apple. Regarding screen addiction, the businessman said he had “Always worried that people are using too much technology”.

Tools to reduce screen time

Faced with this observation, Tim Cook seems to have already taken some measures: “We released Screen Time to try to give people a real read on how much time they really spend on their devices”. At the same time, the American company also provided support to Shine, an application designed to help users protect their mental health on social networks, “Another powerful example of how technology can be used to help improve people’s lives”, Today believes Tim Cook, who named the software Best App of 2020.

Facebook, TikTok … too much “negativity”

By directly targeting social networks and their propensity for endless scrolling, Tim Cook is dealing a big blow to Facebook, even as Mark Zuckerberg’s business is currently plagued by Facebook Files, who accuse him of knowingly turning a blind eye to the harmful effects of Instagram on young people.

Regarding the mechanism of infinite scrolling, its founder Aza Raskin spoke in 2019 on the subject, explaining that the idea was at the base of creating “The most transparent experience possible for users”, but that things quickly turned into an argument for “Keep Internet users online as long as possible”.

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