Twitter alerts you before the conversation gets “intense”

Twitter is undergoing a change and has just developed a whole new feature to protect users.

Twitter is surely the most divisive social network. If some users are absolute fans, admiring its outspokenness and the general second degree, others, opposed to this vision, find Twitter to be a place without faith or law, or cyberstalking, and racist comments. ‘intertwine with impunity.

The social network itself recognizes that discussions can sometimes be “Intense”. In order to limit its spread to an uninformed public, Twitter has been looking for solutions for a long time, and has just launched a new feature on iOS and Android. Baptized « Heads Up » it serves as a warning to the user regarding a thread, the latter being or being able to be « intense » according to the words chosen by the social network.

In order to fight against its bad reputation which sticks to its skin, Twitter tries to set up this kind of notifications by reminding users to “Communicate with respect” in order to improve the platform. This new feature arrives after the French justice, and that of several countries around the world has asked the social network “To detail its means of action against hate messages”.

How to define an “intense” discussion?

If this feature is therefore part of this dynamic, several black spots remain to be clarified for Twitter. The biggest unknown being that the criteria taken into account by the social network to define a discussion « intense » of another are rather vague. If the latter briefly explained that “The subject of the tweet as well as the relationship that the author maintains with those who respond to him” were going to count, difficult to know more for the moment.

One thing is for sure, Twitter wants to change. And in this desire for metamorphosis, Twitter multiplies innovations, more or less good. For example, he had launched the Fleets, stories like on Instagram, but which never found their audiences and they left the social network immediately.

Another novelty on Twitter, it still present, the Spaces. Audio spaces where thousands of users can chat freely. Most popular they are always present on the social network.

Despite its very mixed opinions, Twitter is today one of the most used networks around the world. With no less than 326 million active users estimated in 2020, including 12 million in France alone. Twitter is thus the 4th most popular social network in France. behind Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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