Valve advises against disassembling your Steam Deck … but does it anyway in video

Funny strategy from the manufacturer, which should send its first Steam Deck models early next year.

Before any console marketing, comes the famous dismantling step. This is used by manufacturers to communicate more about the parts used in their new machine, and thus justify its power. With this in mind, Valve has just released the video of the dismantling of the Steam Deck, coming in a few more months and which is a bit like a hybrid PC.

The most surprising is that Valve would like to explain that he absolutely does not recommend disassembling the Steam Deck yourself to change its parts. The thumbnail of the video even reads in large print “you absolutely shouldn’t do that”. Indeed, the company explains:

“We have made a video to explain all the components to you in detail. Spoiler Alert: We don’t recommend replacing parts yourself, but we still want you to have all the relevant information about the Steam Deck components ”.

Do what I say, but not what I do

If Valve is not a company specializing in psychology, it still lacks a few basics that do not seem acquired. It is enough to prohibit or advise against an action to someone, and that person suddenly feels the need to do it anyway. And there, Valve seems to be providing all the keys to future Steam Deck users so that they can become unparalleled tinkerers. The video could just as easily have been titled “Tutorial: How to Disassemble Your Steam Deck”.

With a little hope, the players will take the manufacturer’s advice at face value, and will not venture to dismantle their machine as soon as it has been received. It is true that in the vast majority of cases, the expertise of a professional is often required to do things right.

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