What if? a remake of Endgame to conclude the first season

On Disney +, What if? bowed out on Wednesday. Return on the voyage proposed by Marvel in the heart of its multiverse.

What if ? It’s finish. After 8 weeks of loyal service, Marvel’s first animated series ended with a bang on Disney +. While a second season is on the program, return to this trip alongside the Guardian.

With its first animated series, Marvel has bet big. The studios have simply chosen to revisit some of their iconic adventures, thanks to the mysterious multiverse. After a few pretty sweet episodes, things got tough last week as Ultron established himself as a new antagonist. The character, who had not revealed your potential in the disappointing second installment of the adventures of the Avengers, had seized the infinity stones to reduce the universe to nothing. With the powers of the gems, he had reached such a level of consciousness that he discovered the various alternate realities and set out to destroy them all.

The Guardian, played by Jeffrey Wright, was therefore forced to break his oath and intervene to save the multiverse. To put his plan into action, he will bring together all the characters that we have met during the various episodes. We thus found Captain Carter, Starlord T-Challa and Dark Strange.

A fiery conclusion

This last episode, which does not skimp on action and combat scenes, takes a few scriptwriting shortcuts, but is nonetheless unpleasant. Halfway between Avengers : Endgame and Guardians of the Galaxy, it sets the record straight and gives some clues as to how Marvel will exploit the multiverse in the future. We understand in particular that the journey between different realities is possible, for those who have a little mastery of the workings of black magic. This is the case of Dark Strange, which could invite itself in Doctor Strange : into the multiverse of Madness.

The role of the guardian could also extend beyond even the series and until reaching the big screen. Still very mysterious, the character has powerful powers that he could use to help other characters in the MCU.

A season 2 already in the works

While the series was not yet released on our screens, Marvel had announced a second season for What if ?. This new burst of episodes, which does not yet have a release date, would obviously already be written to believe screenwriter AC Bradley. She also announces that the narration will take a more anthological form, by exploring the destinies of several alternative characters. “We’re going to focus on a lot more character and hero stories to show a different side that people don’t imagine and can relate to”.

We could thus meet some recent protagonists, such as Shang-Chi or The Eternals. “We want to take advantage of phase 4, which we haven’t been able to do with this season. We will explore the whole multiverse ”.

After this conclusion, the Marvel universe will take a little respite on Disney +. The next meeting for the house of ideas is set for next November, November 24 to be precise. On this date, the platform will broadcast Hawkeye. The series with Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld will revisit the Christmas movies and serve as a handover between Clint Barton and Kate Bishop.

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