Android Executive Opens Up To Help Apple Get RCS Messaging On iPhones

With the fall of the entire Facebook application empire, including the popular messaging application WhatsApp, throughout the afternoon of last Monday, many users opted for some of the most recommended alternatives, such as Telegram, managing to receive 70 million new users in a few hours.

However, one of the possible alternatives has gone completely unnoticed, most likely due to ignorance of the majority of users. This is RCS messaging, the standard that aims to replace the obsolete SMS, and which is currently available on many Android devices and supported by a wide variety of telecommunications operators around the world.

Well, hours ago, the senior vice president of AndroidHiroshi Lockheimer was totally open to helping Apple bring the RCS messaging to their devices, to “get it right.”

He precisely made mention and a tweet to the identification of people who use Android by using green bubbles within group chats in iMessage, and made the open invitation to help, leaving the ball in Apple’s court.

It only remains to see if Apple accepts or not

It is now up to Apple to adopt the RCS rich messaging standard for their own mobile devices, although it is unlikely that users of Apple devices will be able to use RCS messages, at least in the short term, given the company’s stance of shutting down. band.

In this sense, one of the most recent developments in RCS messaging, which was lacking at first, is end-to-end encryption. Nor is the number of users of RCS messaging negligible, of some 444 million users in a total of 60 countries.

Apple too it was closed in band when it comes to bringing iMessage to Android devices, even though the idea was proposed to it in 2013, as we learned from the Apple vs. Epic litigation.

In this sense, there are not a few voices that also asked this past Monday to bring iMessage for Android “to leave WhatsApp definitively”, among other arguments in favor of extending Apple’s messaging platform to users of Android devices.

We do not know if there will be any movement beyond the anecdote, but what is clear is that now Apple and Google have an opportunity to “do things right” and steal users from WhatsApp, now that the parent company is more than ever questioned by all your business practices.

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