Apple Watch Series 7 – pre-order becomes a nerve matter

Apple confirmed earlier this week that the Apple Watch Series 7 can be pre-ordered from 2 p.m. today.

Apple Watch – pre-orders now possible

For today, the Apple Watch Series 7 can be pre-ordered from 2 p.m. A few days ago rumors were spreading that the Limited availability and / or the delivery date is at the end of the year could pull.

That’s why one or the other – like us – sat in front of the computer minutes beforehand and waited until it finally started. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch Series 7 was just as chaotic as it had been in the past. The waiting became a test of patience. The individual models were gradually activated, but first on Amazon and then in the Apple online shop.

Once you had found your favorite and wanted to pre-order, the next shock came: Delivery between the end of October and the end of November, although on Amazon “Available from October 15” could be read in large green letters under the pre-order button. At Apple, the delivery dates look similar and can also be found somewhere in November.

But in contrast to Amazon, you can also choose to pick up at Apple. This variant was also chaotic, because October 15 was initially displayed as the pick-up date, but the Apple stores were all grayed out. By the time these were available, the date had already shifted to November. If you look in the Apple online store now, it remains at the beginning / middle of November or October 15 is also available for individual models. A little tip on our part: if you really want to hold a Watch Series 7 in your hands on October 15, you should take a look at the Nike edition, because it is ready to be picked up at various Apple stores such as Oberhausen, Cologne or Frankfurt on that day. And apart from a small Nike logo on the back of the case, a different packaging and the bracelet, which you can change anyway, it does not differ from the “normal” version.

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