Dead Cells creator Nuclear Blaze gets release date

Nuclear Blaze will be available on PC in about ten days and it has absolutely nothing to do with Dead Cells.

You loved it Dead Cells ? So know that one of its creators, Sébastien Benard, is about to release another game, which could be as successful. It is Nuclear Blaze, an action and platform game with the same pixelated look as its big brother. Except that instead of playing a character bordering on the living dead and with a decapitated head, you will put on your fireman’s uniform here.

In this title you must not only save a military building from flames, but also try to save the people and animals therein, while solving some of the mysteries about this curious place, which caught fire for no reason. related. In Nuclear Blaze, actions therefore count just as much as reflection.

A game with Dead Cells sauce, but different

If the game was created by Sébastien Benard, that does not mean that we owe it to Motion Twin, the studio behind Dead Cells. Indeed, the developer set up on his own account and created the company Deepnight Games. Nuclear Blaze is therefore the first product offered by this independent studio, which wishes to stand out by creating a game accessible to children.

On his site, Sébastien Benard has indeed declared that he wanted create a game his 3 year old son could play. No wonder then to find yourself in the shoes of a firefighter rather than that of a vengeful killer. What’s more, Nuclear Blaze has a child mode, which contains easier levels and gameplay mechanics.

Be aware, however, that without any adjustment on your part in the parameters, the general level of the game is configured as difficult, as well as Celestial for example. In terms of gameplay, you can expect similar mechanics to what is offered by Dead Cells, its creator having wanted to find the same precision and fluidity as in the title of Motion Twin.

Nuclear Blaze price and release date

Nuclear Blaze will be available on Steam from October 18. As of yet, no price has been announced for the game and it could just as easily be available for free-to-play.

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