EuroMillions draw: how to play and win 202 million euros?

What would you do if you won 202 million euros in the EuroMillions draw? Below, we explain how to play to try to win this exceptional prize pool put into play this Friday, October 8, 2021.

The jackpot at stake for this EuroMillions draw is approaching the ultimate record. This Friday October 8 at 9:30 p.m., no less than 202 million euros are up for grabs. With such a win, this lottery will experience extreme popularity. If you want to play, here’s how and how to optimize your wagering.

Play EuroMillions

Twice a week, the EuroMillions draw designates zero, one or more winners via a combination of random numbers and stars. Draw after draw, if no participant finds the right match, the jackpot grows. This is the case on this Friday when the total jackpot crosses the 200 million euros mark. The FDJ distributes the game in France, both via the internet and in physical stores.

How to play EuroMillions in 5 minutes?

The more traditional will go to fill their EuroMillions grid directly at a tobacconist of the FDJ partner network. That said, since the confinements, the trend is more to open an online account (on the internet or via a mobile application). In a few clicks, you will be able to fund your account and place your bets for this big EuroMillion draw.

Where these online services come in handy is that they simplify the process for you all along. You will not need to go to the tobacconist to buy a gate (nor to return it and collect a potential gain), you will not need to keep your paper ticket (easy to lose) and you will not even have no need to consult the result: the application or the site will tell you live your real earnings.

To discover the service, it’s here:

Play EuroMillions

Playing online for this exceptional EuroMillions draw is easy. You can fund your account by credit card, PayPal or transfer. In a few clicks, you will have funded the latter and you will be able to place your bet. As a reminder, the basic grid is priced at 2.50 euros. You can also choose to tick more stars and numbers, but it will cost you more. However, the probability of winning is also higher.

So it’s up to you to find the right balance between the amount you can bet and the potential gain. By default, you will have the right to check only 5 numbers and 2 stars (stanadrd grid). For this EuroMillion draw, you also have the option of paying 1 euro more to obtain the Star + option. The latter then adds a 25% chance of winning.

We are not going to lie to each other, the probability of finding the right result for EuroMillion is very low. That said, you can also come away with winnings of several hundred thousand (or even millions) of dollars if you get close to the right combination. If no one finds the right result for this Friday October 8 draw, the prize pool will be even higher for next Tuesday.

A millionaire is guaranteed in France

EuroMillions is a European lottery which involves millions of customers in the draw. That said, FDJ is organizing in parallel a second very advantageous drawing which ensures this Friday evening a millionaire in France. When you complete a EuroMillion grid, you are automatically entered into this second lottery game. When you validate your grid, you will receive a code that is directly linked to My Million.

My Million is therefore a side game to the EuroMillion draw which guarantees a millionaire in France for each draw. A random draw is made and one person is drawn from among all the participants in the EuroMillions game in France. The latter will then receive 1 million euros in his account. The code at the bottom of the ticket (or on the mobile app and website) is your participation in My Million.

Play EuroMillions

In the end, for 2.50 euros, you not only have a chance to find the right result at EuroMillions, but you also have a chance to win My Million. You should know that the two prints are independent. The My Million draw takes place around 8:25 p.m. while the European lottery result takes place around 9:30 p.m. To give you an idea, 77 million French people have already become millionaires with My Million since the start of the year,

Until when can you officially participate in the game? As you can see, the two games are linked since the validated EuroMillion grid will give you access to the My Million game. You therefore have the same end of participation time in both cases: 8:15 p.m. This concerns both tobacconists and participations that will be registered online. Note that many tobacconists have closed before that time.

The options on the FDJ website

Whether in store or on the internet, FDJ gives you the opportunity to be even more efficient for this EuroMillions draw. If you don’t want to fill in all the grids manually, there are several possibilities. For example, you can fill one (or more) “Flash” grid which will then randomly generate a combination of numbers and stars.

Exclusively on digital media, you can also play Multichances Packs. This allows you to have a small share in a big pack that includes hundreds of entries. Your potential gain on the EuroMillion result is therefore lower but you diversify your risk with lots of grids. This is a good solution if you prefer to increase your chance of winning even if you reduce the potential amount.

To play this Friday’s EuroMillions draw, it’s here:

Play EuroMillions

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