gift certificates as if it were raining thanks to this flash sale

Darty is relaunching its excellent flash sale allowing it to accumulate a lot of gift certificates. Now is the time to do your shopping.

Darty is relaunching tonight, and for the whole weekend, its flash sale “30/200” thanks to which you can accumulate 30 euros in gift certificates for every 200 euros spent. Depending on your purchase, you will be able to recover up to 90 euros in gift vouchers, but not more. Spending more than 600 euros will therefore not entitle you to more gift vouchers. This sale is also open to Fnac members who can accumulate the same amounts on their Fnac card.

To take advantage of the operation, you will need to enter the following promo codes at the time of payment: DARTY30 for a purchase with a Darty or FNAC30 account for Fnac members. The offer starts this Thursday October 7 and will end on Monday 11 at 1 p.m. The offer is valid on almost all products sold by Darty with two notable exceptions: the smartphone universe and Dyson products. You will find the complete list on the Darty website.

Take advantage of the offer at Darty

Codes Promo : DARTY30 or FNAC30 for Fnac members

How to make the most of this offer?

Since gift certificates are paid in increments of 200 euros, the best way to take advantage of them is to buy products that are priced just above 200, 400 or 600 euros. It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to “psychological prices” ending in 99. If this is the case with your favorite product, there is however a trick: add a small accessory such as a cable to the basket, because the promotion is valid on the whole basket. With this technique, you can easily recover 30 euros in additional gift certificates if you are just below the threshold. Finally, know that the checks will be valid for 3 months, which will give you time to spend them on your Christmas shopping.

The good deals of the moment are even better

In fact, this flash sale thus makes it possible to indirectly reduce the price of a product and it is perfectly cumulative with the immediate discounts of the merchant. Reduced price, or popular product never on sale, it’s time to crack. For example, you can treat yourself to:

Find all the offers at Darty

Codes Promo : DARTY30 or FNAC30 for Fnac members

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