Google has a tuner to tune the guitar in its search engine

If you have a guitar, you may have looked for apps or online resources to help you with tuning. And while there are many options on Google Play, not all of them do their job or are full of advertising.

So that this is not a problem, now you can the new option that Google offers, since it is adding a chromatic tuner to its search engine. So if you have a string instrument you can give this new resource a try.

A chromatic tuner in the Google search engine

As mentioned in AP, Google incorporated a chromatic tuner in the search engine a few days ago, which you can find by just typing “Google tuner”. A dynamic that works both from the mobile phone and from the computer.

As you can see in the image, you only need to give Google permission to use your device’s microphone to test the tuner. Once you start playing each string on your guitar, you will see that the tuner will graphically show you if you achieve the proper note and pitch, and will give you some indications to achieve this goal.

Note that the tuner works through the microphone of your device. So it will depend on the quality of the microphone for clearer instructions and an optimal result. You can test the Google tuner from your computer although it is possible that the microphone of your mobile is much better.

Although it will not replace the work of a physical chromatic tuner, this Google proposal can be practical on more than one occasion. And it is not the only hidden function that the search engine hides. We have already mentioned a few tricks and functions that you can activate in the Google search engine with just a few keywords.

For example, another function dedicated to musicians that you will find on Google is a metronome. If you want to see the rest of the hidden functions take a look at the 10 tricks to use in the Google search engine.

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