Kobo Sage and Libra 2 are official: new e-readers arrive in Portugal

After last month Amazon announced the new Kinder Paperwhite, its big rival has just unveiled two new e-readers. The new Kobo Sage and Libra 2 arrive in Portugal on October 19, and are intended for different users.

Both feature a design similar to Kindle Oasis, with buttons on the right side. They are equipped with E Ink Carta 1200 screens, and Kobo ComfortLight Pro lighting. They also have Bluetooth headset support for Audiobook fans.

Kobo Sage – the best e-reader ever from Rakuten

This is Kobo’s new whooping cough. Sage will arrive in our country for €289.99, and is already on pre-sale on the official website. It’s 8” inches, for those who want a superior experience.

“The Kobo Sage’s 8” high-definition 8” E Ink Carta 1200 touch screen delivers deep contrast, super-sharp legibility and the ability to turn pages faster on a large display. Dark Mode provides a new way to reduce eye strain,” says Kobo.

It is IPX8 certified, making it waterproof for up to 60 minutes in up to 2 meters of water. It works perfectly with the Kobo Stylus (sold separately) and can be a work or study tool.

Kobo Libra 2 – the mid-range just got better

With an ergonomic and waterproof design, the new Kobo Libra 2 is the new bet in Rakuten’s mid-range e-readers. It arrives in Portugal for €189.99, and is also on pre-sale on the official website.

With an improved 7” inch screen and faster page turning, it promises deeper contrast. With dark mode, you can also have access to a reading experience with less eyestrain.

It’s also IPX8 certified, and it’s clearly the model to buy if you don’t need an 8” inch panel or plan to use the Kobo Stylus.

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