The Ferrari Testarossa is resurrected with this stunning restomod that signs 510 hp and promises to fly at 322 km / h

The restomod they fall in love and it is not for less: classic myths that resurrect in the XXI century, faithful to its aesthetics but with mechanical ingredients of the present. And the last chapter is written by this Ferrari Testarossa what rubric Fioravanti workshops. Yes, a Testarossa.

The fact that is the first project of this firm with an Italian name, but which is based in Switzerland, is pleased to bring one of the most emblematic Ferraris to life. At the moment they walk embarked on its development with a first unit that they proudly display on their social profiles wearing white in pure style from ‘Miami Vice’.

Although at the moment they do not detail when it can be ordered, what will be its price and what number of units will see the light (which will be very limited as usual in restomod), they have revealed their ingredients.

Sonny Crockett wants three

On an aesthetic level, this resurrected Ferrari Testarossa It hardly differs from the original: the long and sharp bonnet, the sharp shapes or the iconic slats on the side are present.

However, the materials do change: for example, part of body panels or interior, as well as some elements of the chassis, go in carbon fiber, allowing it to be 130 kg lighter: for the scale in about 1,380 kg.

The same happens with the cabin, which although it traces the lines of the eighties cavallino, It uses more leather and the controls before plastic are now metal. Regarding the tires, in design they are also very continuous, but they are larger: 17 inch for your front axle and 18 inches for the rear.

However, there are differences with respect to the Testarossa, especially at the mechanical level. And it is that although he rides the 4.9-liter flat V12 present in the original, its power is stretched to 510 CV and his pair reaches the 601 Nm, in comparison to the 390 CV and 490 Nm that the original one gave.

And it is that the guys from Officine Fioravanti have revised the mythical block of the Italian supercar, modifying for example the injection or the distribution, in addition to providing new intake and exhaust systems. Thus, it promises to reach the 322 km/h, which are 32 km / h more than those signed by the Testarossa.

We also found Öhlins double adjustable dampers, which have been specifically developed by the Swedish firm for this restomod, and which can be modified at the push of a button from the passenger compartment. Or about high-performance Brembo brakes, with ventilated discs and six-piston calipers at the front and four at the rear.

Beyond its technical aspects, the icing on the cake is a embarked phone, which looks like eighties but that actually operates with Bluetooth and to which we can connect a mobile phone to make calls.

In short, a time machine that takes us back to the 80s through the filter of the 2000s and that joins other restomod proposals, such as the Porsche 911 (964) Signature electric from the British Everrati, the Kimera EVO37 that brings the Lancia 037 or the Renault 5 Turbo 3 that resurrects the R5 Turbo. And that they be many more!

Photo: Fioravanti workshops.

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