The smart home that you can put where you want

Nestron Cube Two X is the name of the new bet of the company Nestron, specialized in modular smart homes, like those that appear in science fiction movies, with people inside in the middle of a Martian desert.

The new model has additional space and panoramic views through large windows.

The previous model, the C1, appeared in January 2020, a 14.5-square-meter mini-house. Then came the $ 59,000 Cube Two for 3-4 people, and now the Cube Two X (C2X) adds 30 percent more living space, hitting the 35 square meters (similar to the studios in big cities).

The Nestron company is based in Singapore, and has decided to create these 3.1 meter high prebuilt houses, now with double entrance doors and panoramic window, but the most interesting thing is the intelligence of this home that you can see here on video:

It has digital locks, electric blinds, motion detection lights and a digital music player, offering many more smart features through its option sheet.

It is possible to buy it with smart mirrors, wall-mounted tablets, smart kitchen appliances, a smart toilet, automatic sliding doors, and even smart furniture and structural elements.

We can integrate the components with Google Home o Amazon Alexa, although Nestron is also working on its own artificial intelligence system called «Canny«.

To provide security in the structure, Nestron says that they developed the insulated structure with galvanized steel frame to protect against potential earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons, although they also have customized fortification solutions for customers who want or require something more.

90 percent of the materials used to build their houses are recyclable, and the structural warranty is 50 years.

The water and electricity part is solved with solar electrical systems and composting toilets, although the Cube houses can also be connected to the local sewage, water, gas and / or electricity infrastructure in accordance with the building regulations.

Nestron offers the Cube Two X in one and two bedroom floor plans, a eat-in kitchen with sink and small dining area, a dry bath with shower, toilet, sink, and water heater. It has a living room with a sofa and an entrance.

On the prices … well, the Cube Two X from 8,000 kg has a promotional price of $ 98,000. It’s a lot less than the price of a single-family home in America, sure, but we’re also talking about just 35 square feet.

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